Veterans for Peace, Cape Cod, MA

Veterans for Peace, Cape Cod, MA.
Corporal Jeffrey M. Lucey Chapter 041

Chapter Activities: Fall 2018


Cape Cod Chapter 041

In August we saw the passing of Max Money at the age of 88.

For many of our members Max was the quiet and strong, heart and

soul of our chapter. He was one of the original members when

the Cape Cod Chapter was started in the early 1990's and a

never-wavering part of every one of our projects since then.

Max was truly a man of peace and of faith. He was also a teacher,

an author, a poet, a humanitarian and a quintessential veteran

for peace.

Max served as an Marine Corps infantry platoon leader during

the Korean War and retired as a Lt. Colonel. Among his many

contributions were his numerous Veterans and Memorial Day

essays which were published in Cape Cod newspapers and which

became a regular feature of those holidays. His writings were

always very personal and heartfelt and often focused on the

intimate details of the experience of individual veterans and their

families, including his own. The true costs of war were always clear.

Max also founded and directed our Chapter's annual "Voices of

Peace" Poetry Contest for all ages from kindergarten to adult.

He guided the contest into its 23rd year in the Spring of 2018.

Over 11,000 Cape and Islands poets have participated over the

years in this annual Cape-wide event. Max also co-led a writing

group for veterans at our local Vets Center.

At the Veterans Day ceremony in Barnstable, the largest

veterans holiday event on the Cape (and one with an increasing

emphasis on peace, it seems) Max was honored by one of this year's award winning poets. Kim Berner, Cape Cod writer and poet read her poem "On Returning" in his memory. Our 24th annual contest in 2019 will be dedicated to him and will feature some of his writing.

We will miss Max's quiet clear judgement which was always sought

as part of the chapter's decision-making process and we will try to

insure that his spirit is present as we go on with our work for peace.